I think we all go through transitional periods every few years. You may not know exactly when it happens or how it will impact you, but its inevitable. Uneasy as it sounds, it's usually not a bad thing. It's a branch to something new which stems from a recent decision you made that changed your everyday lifestyle. Whether it be moving to a new city, quitting/getting a job or a change in your personal relationship, it's all a transition to a new you.

So in my case, I am transitioning into this blog. I honestly have not written a blog since the antiquated Xanga years, so needless to say I have no clue what I'm doing. I'll start by saying that I intend to use this blog as a personal journal of my ever-changing lifestyle, simply to document what I have seen and experienced. I finally transitioned into a variety of different forms of photography and I am looking forward to post them. Fields such as, fashion, music and travel will be the majority.

In related news, I have left for London for ten days just to clear my mind. I am a frequent traveler by nature, and London has become my favorite home outside of the US in the recent years. Getting to share my experience and take on this beautiful city will be a great way to complete my transition.